One of our star pupils, Vanessa.

She’s in fourth grade. And already knows she wants to be a teacher.


Vanessa is a curious and bright 10-year-old from the community of Savanne Longue, a small community about an hour drive from the town of Mirebalais in the Central Plateau that attracts students from deep in the sugar cane fields. Even with an absent father and a single mother who struggles to find work, she’s always first in class at the Summits’ school.

Always eager to get her hands on a book, she can often be seen running after Principal Marie-Claude to practice additional reading exercises. Vanessa tells us that Creole is her favorite subject. When asked why, her answer was simple: because it’s my mother tongue.


We’re not surprised that Vanessa noted Marie-Claude as her role model and inspiration to one day teach kids in her community. Women are the building blocks of a strong foundation, and we are witness to the power educated women have on raising up entire communities. Keep your ears open folks, Vanessa is going places. We’re sure of it.

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