We're building education systems in rural Haiti.


Summits Primary

We operate a network of 40 primary schools in partnership with the Haitian Ministry of Education comprised of 9,772 students and 328 teachers, trainers, and administrators. 

Summits Academy

We are currently constructing a college preparatory school for 300 high-performing students which will double as a Teacher Training Center for the Summits Primary network.


Summits operates a network of 40 primary schools comprised of:


9773 students

328 educators


Schools within the Summits network receive the following support: 


Teacher training

Materials + supplies

Curriculum Development



Canteen Programs

A center of excellence for the Summits Primary Network, serving as both a college prep school and teacher training center. 


300 students

Grades 7-12

Summits is currently building a college preparatory school in the foothills of Haiti's Central Plateau. Our curriculum will emphasize social justice and entrepreneurship in order to equip a generation of future leaders with the tools necessary to effect systemic change. Students will have practical opportunities to deploy their learnings through participation in various sectors of business, civil society, government, and community. Summits aims to inspire students to understand and seek opportunities that exist within Haiti for economic development and large-scale transformation. Summits Academy will also serve as a center of excellence for the Summits Primary network, and will operate ongoing teacher and administrator development programs to impact the system as a whole.