Each one of our 40 Summits schools have different needs and personalities. Here are just a few schools in need of your support.


Founded: 2006
Female students: 98
Male students: 88
Total students: 186
Teachers: 15
Grades served: Préscolaire - 8th grade

Principal: Maxo Petit
Founder: Millien Yphaniel
Supervisor: Durame Toussaint

Morne Mounton is perched high on a mountaintop overlooking the Central Plateau. It's a steep, hour long hike to the summit with gorgeous views of the surrounding valley.

The school was founded in 2010 by Yphaniel Millien. As a child, he dreamed of getting an education, but Morne Mouton was hours from the nearest school and he needed to help his family on their farm. So, once he earned enough money and support, he set out to create one himself. 

Today, Morne Mouton serves 222 students from the surrounding area. Although Morne Mouton has a beautiful, newly built school, it is still in need of X.


Founded: 1980
Female students: 138
Male students: 146
Total students: 284
Teachers: 20
Grades served: Préscolaire - 9th grade

Principal: Gary Gracia
Founder: Joseph Yraneau
Supervisor: Raynold Romain

The Summits school in Kay Epin was one of the first schools to join the Summits network when the organization was still under Zanmi Education, a branch of Partners in Health. Since its founding in 1980, an entire village has sprung up outside of the school gates, creating an engaged and passionate community.

Kay Epin's school structure is sound and regular school lunches keep all 324 students well nourished. However, the school needs additional support for school supplies and textbooks, as well as canteen and sanitation programs to support healthy students. 


Founded: 2011
Female students: 87
Male students: 113
Total students: 200
Teachers: 7
Grades served: Préscolaire - 6th grade

Principal: Jeune Jean-Dieufort
Founder: Michelle Tirone Chevry
Supervisor: Asmy Sybrun

The Summits school in Delagon sits near the banks of the Artibonite river. The founder here is Michelle Tirone Chevry, a enthusiastic and beloved community leader. Her father had originally founded a school in the community in a church that was later destroyed by flooding. After he passed away, Michelle returned to her community and was dismayed to see students without access to a local school. Michelle decided to her father's legeacy. She founded the current school in Delagon on the same land as her childhood home.

As you can see, the school structure is unsound and students do not have access to simple necessities like desks, chalkboards, and school supplies. The school is also in need of canteen and water and sanitation programs.