Meet Marie Flore.

Marie-Flore is a sixth grader at the Summits school in Bernaco, a village surrounded by green, rolling mountains in Haiti's Central Plateau. In some ways, Marie-Flore is a typical Summits student: she is one of many children and her parents live off the land they work as farmers. 

School is just one of Marie-Flore’s many interests. She’s an eager and curious student and a funny, playful friend and sister. She plays pretend with her friends in the forest and soccer with her siblings. She fetches water and cares for the animals on her family’s farm.

Learn more about Marie-Flore and her plans for the future - a future made possible by a strong education.


At Summits, we support students by building education systems that address the needs of the whole child - from mental and physical health, to arts and movement, to hands on learning and critical thinking. We employ a highly collaborative approach to ensure students are healthy, safe, supported, challenged, and engaged in the classroom and beyond. 


$200 supports a child for a year.